Prime d'Honneur 1864 - Concours Régional Agricole Corbiac established in 1587 in Puycharman
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If the Loire's too crowled, come south to Bergerac


A GOOD vineyard to start with in my old favorite, Chateau Corbiac, about four miles east from Bergerac. The Corbiac family should know something about making wine-they've been doing it for nearly five centuries under nineteen patrilineal owners. The one-and-only wine is Pécharmant, which is the upmarket red AOC of the Bergerac area. The last three vintages available in quantity sell at the vineyard for around 10€ mark-avery modest price for an immodestly good wine. They age well, if you're prepared to give them the opportunity.


John Witing, in, Mardi 15 novembre 2005


The Pomerol of the Bergerac wines... Established in 1587! Our last vintages... Order now safely In the heart of the Dordogne... Others descriptions... Others inspirations...

Château Corbiac
Le meilleur Pécharmant*

Durand de Corbiac - Château de Corbiac - Pécharmant - Route de Corbiac - 24100 Bergerac - France
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